Laura Reagan is a relator, a broker associate with A La Carte Real Estate.

She and Keely Doyle, founder and managing broker of A La Carte Real Estate decided 450 Redstone Blvd. Redstone Colorado would be a great location for a real estate office.

However, the part of the house zoned commercial was a much larger space than what was needed for the real estate office.  So, Keely suggested a call for artists.

Laura has taken advantage of the occasion of Redstone Connected to meet a number of artists whose pieces she admires.

The thread that connects being a listing agent with selling art is the concept of representation.  I represent the home in the best light for the seller to command the highest price, and re- present the art to find its best spectator.

Filling the space with some of the best pieces on the Western Slope has been incredibly rewarding.  Not just for the nice energy and ambiance it creates, but also because these are really worthwhile objects to be showing all of my neighbors and visitors.

450 Redstone Blvd, real estate office, art gallery, and Laura’s office for her remote work.  When you hire Crystal Valley Communications, this is where it happens. 

450 Redstone Blvd