Simon Sinek

Sinek is famous for asking professionals to ask themselves the basic question of why. Start with Why and Find Your Why are two of his most popular books.  Simon works on organizational psychology, leadership, and principles of high business achievement.  Simon Sinek’s books are well worth a listen or read and so is this new podcast. 

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Unlocking Us Brené Brown Podcast 2

Brené Brown

Listening to Brené Brown is like listening to a very smart person tell you that everything will be fine and then follow that up with reasons and strategies.  Like the person you’re most looking forward to listening to at book club, Brené tackles real life problems with an academic background in the social sciences.  Neither woo woo nor over anyone’s head, Brené analyses situations that require emotional intelligence and interviews her guests brilliantly. 

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Choose Difficult with Abe Shreve

Choose Difficult is a great podcast hosted by Abe Shreve. Abe interviews high achievers and finds out what the secret to their successes were, along with their major setbacks in business that were overcome.  This is an inspiring podcast for anyone hoping to grow their own business.  Abe is a MAPS coach.  The Podcast is listed under business and entrepreneurship. 

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Think Like a CEO with Gary Keller

Think like a CEO is Gary Keller’s  business partners interviewing him on what he has learned in founding and growing the largest international real estate firm. I have heard so many nuggets in this podcast including about growing wealth through finding a property that is not achieving its highest and best use and getting it re classified to add value. Name a problem in real estate team growth and Gary has seen it and solved it.  Get inside the mind of Gary Keller with this podcast!

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Empire Building

Empire Builders is an inspiring podcast of Keller Williams high producing team leaders discussing how they manage to “do it all” including prioritizing, self-care, personnel management, and other business/life topics. I enjoy listening to the conversation because it comes from a place of growth minded thinking. Vija Williams is truly inspiring, witty, and relatable. Wendy Papasan is the definition of a person who has her s*it together and her stories weave together hardship and triumph making it all seem possible.  Who doesn’t want to here more after learning she wants me to have a big business and even bigger life.

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One thing podcast

The One Thing Podcast

Geoff Woods, the host of the One Thing podcast, is so high energy its a good choice of podcast for your Monday morning work week.  Doesn’t that make sense, to drop a new episode every Monday? Yes, it does. Geoff says a lot of things that make sense but you still need to hear them frequently.  Repetition is the key to learning and what you learn from Geoff is all about how high achievers get there one step at a time.  You can check out the website here.  I was lucky enough to download the 411 template when it was

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