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LinkedIn has always been one of my favorite platforms, because of the number of different kinds of jobs I have done and looked for. I learn by reading others’ profiles, how they are written, what they include, what stands out as a great feature of someone’s profile. My goal with all social media accounts is to take an online social interaction and figure out if I can contribute to the persons’ ends in real life, or not. Check out my LinkedIn page to see my alma maters, website pages for the sites I created, previous jobs I’ve held, and what

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Instagram popularized the term endless scrolling due to how easy it is to sit there and feast one’s eyes on high quality images one after the next.   Scheduling is another story, and getting multiple photos on a gram has not been straightforward from my phone.  Hash tagging being more effective on Instagram and somewhat awkward on Facebook is another counter intuitive issue.  Read the help page for instagram here.  This article explains tips and tricks to grow your instagram profile.  Finally, instagram help for business including information about ads can be found here. 

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Oh facebook, love to hate you yet still scrolling.  My favorite things to do on facebook include looking at historic homes, renovation discussions, realtor discussion, and looking at pictures of cabins and farmhouses.  I like pics of my stepchildren, relatives, and uplifting advice.  I really enjoy articles about archaeology.  Mastering the art of the listing agent requires an on-point business level understanding of facebook pages and ads.  Check out the facebook blueprint here.  This page on insights is fun. 

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YouTube Channels Well, my YouTube channels need a certain number of subscribers in order to create a custom URL that makes sense. Win-Sum All Season Property Maintenance videos here. Laura Connor Real Estate videos here. videos here. videos here.

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Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business Who is Pinterest for and what is the best way to use it? When to promote a pin? Do digital service providers use it? Real Estate Home Improvement Travel in the Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope Lawn Maintenance and Snowplow

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Twitter Best Practices

Twitter Best Practices Twitter is a social media platform where it can be hard to gain traction. Is it possible to be sooo witty multiple times per day? Twitter is all about voice and wit, and these are no simple thing to develop. Read about Business Best Practices here.  Look at the Resources and Guides section for small business. Learn more about Twitter Ads and Campaigns here.  Read these tips about tweeting!  Apparently, there are stages to making friends on Twitter. No harm in investigating the wiki how on making friends on Twitter! 

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