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Brené Brown

Listening to Brené Brown is like listening to a very smart person tell you that everything will be fine and then follow that up with reasons and strategies.  Like the person you’re most looking forward to listening to at book club, Brené tackles real life problems with an academic background in the social sciences.  Neither woo woo nor over anyone’s head, Brené analyses situations that require emotional intelligence and interviews her guests brilliantly. 

Laura Connor

Laura is a realtor serving buyers and sellers of real estate in the Roaring Fork Valley and the Western Slope of Colorado. Laura has a strong interest in mastering communications tools and building her audience for her brands. She writes about her favorite communications, media, and social media here. See for real estate sales. is a travel guide meant to showcase vacation rentals. is a directory of home improvement professionals and spotlights vacant land listings. is lawn maintenance and snow plowing company who contracts with Pattern Full for advertising and communications services.