CTM econtracts

Ctm econtracts real estate digital contracts

This software is used throughout the Aspen/Glenwood mls and the Grand Junction Area Realtors Association professionals to integrate the passage of signed contracts between parties. 

The realtor can initiate a contract, upload their own editable pdf contracts, choose between counsel approved addenda, and solicit e signatures. 

The client in turn can sign electronically.  

It creates ease of file storage for realtors, and it allows real time communication of a mutual execution. 

Ctm econtracts is a program real estate agents in western Colorado use to get digital signatures from their clients. 

It costs $30.00 per month. 

One of the main features is “integration”.  When your file is integrated then the broker on the other side of the transaction can be alerted when a contract is signed in real time.  

It helps keep you organized and the transaction coordinator can simply download all the files if you want them duplicate saved somewhere else. 

I find the customer service to be outstanding! You can call and get a quick how to lesson if you have any questions at all. 

Signing is a breeze for clients. 

My other choices are DocuSign and AdobeSign. 

DocuSign I’m just not used to yet, and Adobe Sign is ok, but also paid and another system to learn. 

Check out this overview video from Ashleigh Nicole.