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Empire Building

Empire Builders is an inspiring podcast of Keller Williams high producing team leaders discussing how they manage to “do it all” including prioritizing, self-care, personnel management, and other business/life topics.  

I enjoy listening to the conversation because it comes from a place of growth minded thinking. 

Vija Williams is truly inspiring, witty, and relatable. 

Wendy Papasan is the definition of a person who has her s*it together and her stories weave together hardship and triumph making it all seem possible.  Who doesn’t want to here more after learning she wants me to have a big business and even bigger life. 

Sara Reynolds Oji comes off as having shockingly little ego for the massive size of her achievements.  Listening to someone who has built an empire is incredible.  

Seychelle Van Poole converses on the podcast in a way that will surprise you leaving you with little nuggets of wisdom. She thinks quickly and outside the box and shares great tips. 

If you have any kind of ambition, especially in entrepreneurial growth, this podcast is for you! 

Laura Connor

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