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LinkedIn has always been one of my favorite platforms, because of the number of different kinds of jobs I have done and looked for. 

I learn by reading others’ profiles, how they are written, what they include, what stands out as a great feature of someone’s profile. 

My goal with all social media accounts is to take an online social interaction and figure out if I can contribute to the persons’ ends in real life, or not. 

Check out my LinkedIn page to see my alma maters, website pages for the sites I created, previous jobs I’ve held, and what I’m doing presently. 

Feel free to share your professional goals with me. 

I like the LinkedIn platform because it keeps me in touch with professionals in other countries where I’ve lived and worked. 

Here are some resources I found on interacting on LinkedIn.  

Natasha Vilaseca

Jaime Cohen of the Right Words has an interesting conversation here about how she connects with others through her story on LinkedIn. 

Professor Heather Austin has a great presentation on LinkedIn as well.