One of the benefits of a Glenwood Springs Association of Brokers Relator like myself is securing your on market property with Sentrilock!

The Glenwood Springs Board of Realtors voted to implement Sentrilock two years ago and I’ve been an early adopter. 

It provides accurate data as to the time the showing began and ended. 

Its really easy to give a one day code to an agent who doesn’t have a sentrilock key or passcode.

For realtors who do have the app, the lockbox opens when the bluetooth connection is established. 

What about rural properties? As long as the bluetooth is activated on your phone before you go out of service, it still works. 

There is a great honesty trap here because if a realtor is not there at the showing time they said they would be, it shows what time they were actually there. 

This frees us all from being tied to a single showing software, and encourages realtors to communicate to listing agents if their time estimates was off. 

You can set up an auto notification to the seller when the showing has ended so they can stop walking the dog and return home. 

If you’re flustered at all, there is great customer service. 

See the Sentrilock youtube channel to learn more!