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Think Like a CEO with Gary Keller

Think like a CEO is Gary Keller’s  business partners interviewing him on what he has learned in founding and growing the largest international real estate firm. 

I have heard so many nuggets in this podcast including about growing wealth through finding a property that is not achieving its highest and best use and getting it re classified to add value.  

Name a problem in real estate team growth and Gary has seen it and solved it.  Get inside the mind of Gary Keller with this podcast! 


Laura Connor

Laura is a realtor serving buyers and sellers of real estate in the Roaring Fork Valley and the Western Slope of Colorado. Laura has a strong interest in mastering communications tools and building her audience for her brands. She writes about her favorite communications, media, and social media here. See for real estate sales. is a travel guide meant to showcase vacation rentals. is a directory of home improvement professionals and spotlights vacant land listings. is lawn maintenance and snow plowing company who contracts with Pattern Full for advertising and communications services.