I used to make fanzines by cutting up magazine pictures and making collages. I loved citation.

So naturally, creating websites and blogs became something I was drawn to. Lead generation for my real estate business on LauraConnorRE.com and WesternSlopeHomePros.com 

These sites allow me to create a shopping experience and tool storage zone in one. I want to pack my websites with fun ways to communicate, app downloads, mortgage calculators, net sheet calculators, comparative market analyses request forms and all kinds of ways to communicate what you’re looking for or what your selling. 

WesternSlopeAdventures.com is a travel guide featuring where to eat and what to do around the Valley.  It covers all of the outdoor recreation categories.  As a real estate agent, I decided this site was a perfect place to show off those homes which could be vacation rentals, with my IDX tool filtered on whether the agent had marked the home as short termable in the multiple listing service. 

This site also offers concierge service such as rides, deliveries and errands. 

Baiting the Bear was a look back at my academic bibliographies, and a perfect opportunity to experiment with the Zotero plug in. 

It will also be a great place to experiment with WooCommerce, since I already have the books to sell, and through doing so, may learn about selling online. 

And well WesternSlopeAdventures.com could sell things as well! Outdoor gear on consignment listed in multiple places. 

Along with some stock items I’ve been dying to sell. Such as maps, first aid kits, stickers, fridge magnets, paddleboards, tent camping equipment, portable stoves, dutch ovens, local literature. 

WesternSlopeHomePros.com is a site dedicated to a directory of professionals who are essential to the home buying or selling process.  Since this site focuses on those professionals familiar with all aspects of construction and remodeling, I chose to use an IDX focused on land and some posts about the county and town regulations regarding development. 

Since this site is about who helps you make your self at home in the Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope, that gave me direction for the blog. 

How to make oneself at home here.  This turned my wheels in the philanthropy direction, realizing I could use each post as a spotlight on an organization that provides a resource some may need. 

Not just benefitting from, but also participating in these organization helps us feel at home here, socially. 

I would not be able to organize information in the way I envision if it were not for Robin Barton of Integrivity and Winning Technologies. 

Robin is the developer who has chosen to start with a foundation of Ocean-WP. 

Xpress Host is my hosting provider.